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Sermon on the Plain

couple hugging, forgiving each other


In Luke 6:35, we read Jesus’ words, “Love your enemies and do good to them.” Though the word enemy is strong, it includes anyone who we feel is in opposition to us. Who might that be today?


Today, instead of holding onto wrongs,
I will try and forgive those who have mistreated me, taken from me.
It’s so hard, yet I know that love is the way.
The only way. Your way.
Today I will go deeper past the hurt in my heart
and find you there, on the path of generosity and compassion.
Challenged by your words, help me change.
Help me be like you.


Take a simple phrase such as “May you be at peace” and direct it toward someone—a broken relationship, a public figure who troubles you, or a group you have trouble accepting. See if it brings you a bit of peace to offer it to others.

Maureen O'Brien

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