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Protection from Evil

statue of mary showing foot on snake


“I will put enmity between you and the woman.”—Genesis 3:15a

In my church, there is a lovely statue of Mary tenderly holding her infant Jesus. A small, largely unnoticed detail in this statue is under Mary’s foot. She is calmly stepping upon a snake—with an apple in its mouth. A gentle and compassionate mother of a babe crushing evil. A small-yet-profound symbol of how Mary overcame what deceived Eve. This statue of Mary can remind us that she is the mother of all—who helps to protect us from evil as well. If we turn to her for heavenly help, she will pray for and guide us too.


You, like Eve, were conceived without sin—
you were immaculately conceived.
And you dealt with Satan
and refused his temptations.
Please pray for me,
That I also may step on his attempts
to thwart and mislead me.


Search in your church or online for artwork of Mary. Can you find a statue, window, or mural displaying her foot upon a snake—nonchalantly yet firmly squelching his invasive, soul-hurting activities?

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