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Prayerful Purpose


There are great divisions in our country and in our world, but this is nothing new. In his day, St. Francis faced similar problems: Church and political infighting, civil war, and social unrest. But he kept his eyes affixed on God. In this day and age, could you do the same?


God of peace,
St. Francis never recoiled from the ills
of his medieval world.
He met them with a willing, pure heart.
The world around me simmers with anger,
but I will not feed it.
Like your humble servant of Assisi,
I will meet these problems with prayerful purpose,
never forgetting that we are imperfect children of a perfect God.
If peace is our reward, let it begin with me.


St. Francis embraced those from whom society turned away. Read about one man’s mission to welcome refugees in the spirit of Francis.

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