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Prayer for Couples

Couple praying together


No matter our own relationship status, we all benefit from supporting other couples growing in their love. Who comes to mind for you? 


Dear God,
May all those who are partnered
find renewal and hope on their daily journey today.
Help them turn towards one another
with a fresh appreciation
and brightening tenderness.
May they prioritize one another
today more than yesterday. 
Bless them with lightness and laughter.


Is there a couple in your life who could use a bit of support and encouragement? Let them know you see the power of their mutual love and appreciate it.

Maureen O'Brien

1 thought on “Prayer for Couples”

  1. Joyce Blackwell

    I just read this prayer as today we celebrate our 53rd anniversary and dedicate this prayer to our 3 children who will all celebrate within the next 2 months, 28, 25 and 7 years of marriage. God’s blessings be upon your marriages as it ha been upon ours.

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