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Partner in the Plan

hands in pasture of surrender.


One of the overlooked characters in the Christmas narrative is Joseph. The Scriptures don’t tell us much about him, but one can imagine how confusing it would have been for him to discover that his wife-to-be was pregnant with a child that was not his. He had to go on his own personal journey, one that entailed surrendering his pride, placing even more trust in his wife, and yielding to a life and call he could not have foreseen.


Help me become more like your servant Joseph,
who trusted your call into the unknown.
Penetrate my pride with divine vision, a dream,
so I can be a selfless companion through chaos.
Help me surrender to your plan even amid
my questions, doubts, and move forward in the face of fear.
I want to be there to hold and glimpse the fullness of your plan.


It is human to feel prideful or overly protective of our reputations. Perhaps when pride creeps up, it is an opportunity for God to do his greatest work within us.

Stephen Copeland

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