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Meditating upon the Core

Reflect For St. Bonaventure, his structure for reality began with the Trinity: the self-diffusive, creative force of love shared in relationship between the Father, Spirit, and Son. What would it look like to imitate this same dynamic in our own …

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More Than We Ever Deserved

Everything we have is a gift from God. No one can control what’s most important. We often receive far more than we deserve.

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Is My Family ‘Normal’?

All families have their eccentricities, their conflicts and their virtues. Some families struggle more than others, but all of them need our prayers.

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There Is Freedom in Forgiving

Sometimes, the hardest person to forgive can be yourself. Ask God to guide you to a healthier place.

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Calling on the Saints

The saints are popular because they are both holy and wholly relatable. Often we can find aspects of their lives that mirror our own.

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Carry the Peace

Peace does not mean everything is perfect or feels good all the time. Rather, peace is the living presence of God at all times, in all situations.

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Never a Stranger

Dutch-born Charles of Mount Argus spent 35 years in Ireland and England, never really mastering the language. But the priest’s friendliness and healing gifts made him beloved by all.

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