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Living Waters

Woman drinking from water bottle


We take access to clean drinking water for granted. Whenever we turn on a faucet or a hose, water pours forth. Have you ever thought of those without that luxury?


God of all elements,
when I am thirsty,
there is no shortage of water to quench it.
But not everybody has such
easy access to what is essential for human life.
Let me think of those
who traverse dangerous lands
just for a sip of water.
Let me not waste what is out of reach
for so many.
And let us be reminded
that the waters of our baptism
means that our souls will never
thirst for your love.


Organizations such as Generosity Global have installed over 800 water wells in 20 different nations. Consider donating to agencies such as this that lift the human person. They need our dollars the most.

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