Pause + Pray

Looking Up

hands holding phone, surrounded by photos


She pulled up her photo file on her phone, excited to show me what she had seen on an excursion to a dark park away from city lights: images from a friend’s telescope. “There’s a nebula. Can you see a dark image of a horse’s head?” As she eagerly enlarged the screen, I gasped in delight at a million dazzling stars.


God of light,
Centuries ago, wisdom figures from the East followed your star
until they found you and your parents after your birth.
In times of darkness, drained of insight,
when I feel burdened and losing my purpose,
send a gentle nudge my way to remind me to look up for your brightness,
always there for me.


Today, find an opportunity to bring brightness and strength to someone, whether it’s sharing a favorite photo, or reminding them how they enrich your life.

Pause+Pray by Elizabeth Bookser Barkley

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