Pause + Pray

Learn From the Waterfowl

Snowy egret standing in water


It’s tough to be patient when we are waiting for God to act in our lives. One recent morning I watched a snowy egret. She stood patiently in the shallow water of the sound–nearly motionless–for almost an hour. She knew if she waited long enough she’d be rewarded with breakfast, and sure enough she was.


Dear Lord, help me have that same faith and persistence of the egret when I wait for you to act in my life.
Help me remember that you are at work even when it seems like nothing is happening.
Help me know that you hear my prayers and will answer them in your way and in your time.
Grant me the confidence to wait with certainty.


Practice patience today. Wait five extra minutes before you eat lunch, or let someone go ahead of you in the checkout line. Use the time to reflect on your own experience of waiting.

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