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During our archdiocesan restructuring, my parish lost our beloved pastor and gained a different pastor, along with a parochial vicar and retired visiting priests. Today was the Sunday for the newest priest to celebrate liturgy. Having heard that his theology was more conservative than mine, I braced myself, sending out a prayer that I might withhold judgment. Throughout Mass, I alternated between dread and relief. By the final hymn, I admitted that he was reverent and a fine homilist. At his next Mass, I will ask for grace, again, attempting to “judge not.”


Merciful God,
You have heard this same plea many times,
especially at the start of Advent and Lent: 
Help me not to be so judgmental.
I’m really trying, with the help of your grace
and the practice of living in the moment.
Stick with me; please don’t judge me.
I deserve another chance.


Today, try to be conscious of situations or persons that you are inclined to immediately, and perhaps unfairly, judge. Take it moment by moment, reminding yourself that no one deserves to be judged by another human, and that God favors mercy over judgment. Savor any small victory in your nonjudgmental efforts.

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  1. Lord Jesus Christ, may your love always be the foundation of our lives. Free us from every fear and selfish-concern that we may freely give ourselves in loving service to others, even to the point of laying our lives down for their sake. Amen.

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