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In Dreams

Closeup of Saint Joseph statue


God communicated to St. Joseph— among other biblical figures—in dreams. God communicates to us through dreams today as well. Of course, we dream when we are sleeping, but we also daydream while we’re at work, doing chores, and other moments in daily life. Those instances when we’re lost in sleep or in thought are reminders that God can get to us best when we get ourselves out of the way.


Speak to me in my dreams,
the place where my heart is most open and vulnerable.
I ask that you answer prayers in the way you see fit,
give direction when I’m lost in my head or in the world,
and instill clarity in the fog of life.
Most of all, strengthen my faith in you.


Look up the prayer ritual with the sleeping St. Joseph statue. Even if you don’t have the statue, try writing your prayer intentions down, and give them over to God.

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2 thoughts on “In Dreams”

  1. Dreams are amazing, aren’t they? I think if one can dream, that is a sign of mental health. Hopefully, one has positive and healthy dreams. I love sleeping at night. I’ve trained my body to go to sleep at a certain time. That’s what works for me. I’m now a man of routine like never before. I’m also a creature of habit, but then aren’t we all?

  2. Yes you are right: dreams are amazing. But as I reflect on this commentary, I wonder to myself, what is the difference between a goal and a dream? to me, the goal may be more inside my own head, driven by my humanistic tendencies, while a dream may be more open to a wider spectrum of influences focusing on the spiritual, such as what is my purpose, and how can I fulfill it. Interesting also that the older I get, the less I dream. When I was young, I dreamed almost nightly. Now I dream rarely. what does that say about me spiritually and mentally?

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