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Good Morning!

steaming hot coffee


Some days it can be so hard to drag ourselves out of bed. We are tired—physically and mentally. But today can be great if we let it be. So, throw back the covers and get to living.


Dear God,
Help me to see all the good
in life today.
Shift my focus from all
that is wrong
so that I can see all the wonderful
things you have given us.


Take time today to soak in all the little blessings that surround you. Send a text to a friend wishing them a great day, feel the sun on your face, or listen to the sound of the rain—depending on the weather. Just notice how blessed you truly are.

Susan Hines-Brigger

1 thought on “Good Morning!”

  1. How this resonates! A busy day was planned today home and back a few times,pouring rain and cold, early alarm….I am worn out and dreading another day using more energy than I have! Groan groan ..A reviving cup of tea ,a candle lit and a realisation that ..woohoo…I’m retired!
    I CAN just cancel my appointments…These are just a few if God’s gifts to start my day
    Blessed be God in the little things.🙏

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