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God Cares About Our Mental Health

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Most of us have heard that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit; but have we also considered the same is true of our minds? Make no mistake about it, your mental health matters to God. What is one way you can nurture your mental health today?


Loving God, it is easy to forget that my mental health matters to you.
It is tempting to think that time and money spent on this
is somehow selfish—a self-indulgence that should be tamed.
But today I remind myself that you have called me to love you
with my heart, soul, and mind,
and I cannot do that if my mind is anxious or depressed.
Thank you for seeing me and knowing my needs.
Thank you for loving me and saying I am worthy of health.
Help me find ways to get my needs met
so that I can live a full life of service to you and my fellow human beings.


Consider making an appointment with a counselor, saying no to something you feel pressured into, or doing a restorative activity like yoga, hiking, or soaking in a warm tub.

Shannon K. Evans

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