Pause + Pray

For the Dignity of Women


For all the strides that have been made for women’s equality and protection, more work remains to be done. May we continue to amplify the voices and experiences of women in religious, political, and social spheres.


Lord God, help us uproot sexism from the garden bed of our society.
Help us protect women from physical and emotional violence,
and incline us to believe them when they speak of their pain.
As women all over the world suffer in various ways,
open our eyes to the part we have not noticed that we play,
and ignite in us the understanding that change starts from within.
May we truly partner with you for a more just world,
not merely in word but also in deed.

And may we work for the equality and safety of the next generation of girls.


Reach out to a woman in your lifea friend, colleague, relative, parish staff member, or mother in a crisis pregnancyand ask how you can support her. Then vow to follow through with the support she needs.

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