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Discerning God’s Will

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People often talk of discernment as if it were something akin to magic, a kind of mystical conjuring of God’s guidance or will. But what if discerning God’s will isn’t mysterious and magical? What if all we have to do is simply open our eyes and see it standing right in front of us? The call to be a saint, to give ourselves wholly to God, doesn’t require special robes, stained glass windows, incense, or candles. It comes to us with every breath, and it calls to us in every place. At work, at school, sitting in traffic, taking a walk at the park, or relaxing in your own backyard, there is never a moment when God isn’t blessing you and calling to you to share that blessing with the world around you, with creation.


Heavenly Father,
You tell us to ask, and we shall receive,
to knock and the door will be opened.
Dear Lord, this very day, I am asking. I am knocking.
I give myself to you completely.
Show me your will for my life.
Open my heart and my eyes that I might see clearly your will for my life,
here and now.
Let me see you and serve you in my daily work,
with my family, friends, and even the strangers I will meet.
Open my ears, that I will always hear your voice,
inviting me to meet you in the love and in the needs of those around me.


Read Matthew 25:31–45 and ask yourself: Where did you meet Christ today? In what ways were you called to discipleship? The Gospel reminds us that we need not look for some grand and glorious task to serve God. Sometimes our best service comes in humbly washing the dishes, making dinner, taking out the trash, or simply pouring a cup of tea and sitting with a friend.

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  1. Lord Jesus Christ, fill us with your Holy Spirit that we may grow in wisdom and knowledge of your love and truth. Free us from stubborn pride and willfulness that we may wholly desire to do what is pleasing to you. Amen.

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