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Entrance to Your Heart

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“I am the gate. Whoever enters through me will be saved…” Today let the words of John 10:9 give you comfort along the way.


God, this morning I’m struck by my words to you:
How they’re the same today as yesterday. And the day before that.
Why do I need so much help? It’s constant!
Even when my life has no crisis, I cannot do it alone.
Today I ask for the acceptance of how much help I need.
I need the humility, the understanding that my prayers are knocks,
And your welcoming door keeps opening.


Doors and gates are such a part of our lives, and yet we never really think about how we pass through them. Today, think of how holy, simple, and beautiful this image is: Jesus as a door.

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1 thought on “Entrance to Your Heart”

  1. Yes Lord, help us. We your people need you. Please help me in my distress. Please help me to stop being my own worse enemy. Help me know that with You, I can get through this setback.

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