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Embracing the Weather

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The weather can have a direct affect on our mental and emotional well-being. But when we choose to see our connection to the created world, we can be sure that rain or shine, we will encounter the sacred.


God of warm summer nights
and freezing gray mornings,
help me respond to the invitation of the earth today.
Whether in boundless energy
or in contemplative stillness,
may I accept and not judge
my body’s response to the weather.
May I recognize that everything has its place,
and everything has its time—
including my feelings.


Check the weather forecast for today. How can you use today’s weather to draw near, listen, and respond to God’s voice?

Shannon K. Evans

1 thought on “Embracing the Weather”

  1. Lord Jesus Christ, your death brought life for us. Fill us with your Holy Spirit that we may walk in freedom and joy as a child of God and as an heir with Christ of an eternal inheritance. Amen.

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