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Doing Christ’s Work

painter dipping paint brush in paint


“He who does Christ’s work must stay with Christ always.”—Blessed Fra Angelico

A Dominican friar and painter whose work influenced the Renaissance, Blessed Fra Angelico was known for his unique and glorious spiritual paintings. He used his gift of art to glorify God. He gave countless generations of people images to help understand our faith better, and draw us all closer to God. His many frescoes, altarpieces, and other works all point to God so beautifully; his work clearly impacted Fra Angelico himself and made him feel closer to Christ. Since his death, many have called Blessed Fra Angelico the “Angelic Painter.”


Dear Blessed Fra Angelico,
Pray that I too may use my talents in life to glorify God.
Help me to do Christ’s work with my time and skills
and all my heart to help me stay with Christ always!


Contemplate your vocation in life. How can you gently work for Christ within your work and/or talents? If you are not really doing Christ’s work, pray how you might use your vocation to lean in towards Christ’s work more effectively.

Theresa Doyle-Nelson

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