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Creation Continues

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Theologian Teilhard de Chardin once suggested that creation did not stop after seven days, that it continues, and that we are invited to be a part of it. Being creative is not limited to the arts. Some create marvelous meals. Others knit and sew. Still others can make us laugh. There are many ways we can embrace and express our creativity. In doing so, we celebrate the Source of our creativity. Whether I write a poem, draw a picture, or help a friend look at a problem in a new way, I am participating in God’s ongoing creation.


God of all creation,
may I share in Your creation
by embracing and expressing
my own creativity.
Whether I write a poem or bake a cake,
may I celebrate Your invitation.


Do something creative today and do so without criticizing the product of your creativity. Try to view whatever you create as a prayer.

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  1. Thank you for becoming my friend on Facebook. Please continue to share your thoughts as you walk your way through retirement. It takes a long time to adjust. I am still trying. Your friend, always, Margie

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