Pause + Pray

Finding Delight amid the Gloom

girl being joyful in the midst of a storm.


This morning I read the opening lines of a poem by Jack Gilbert: “Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere.” But the poem, “A Brief for the Defense,” gracefully moves on: “. . . we enjoy our lives because that’s what God wants. . . . We must risk delight. We can do without pleasure,/but not delight.”


God of light,
I must acknowledge the toll forces of evil take in our world,
as I am reminded repeatedly by “breaking news” bulletins
popping up on my phone screen.
Today I seek the grace I need to strike a healthy balance 
of predictable sorrow softened by moments of delight.


Make deliberate choices today to be open to unexpected, and sometimes fleeting, delightful surprises in your life: a glimpse of fog hanging on the river, patterns of frost etched on a window, a text message of gratitude from a student or colleague.

Pause+Pray by Elizabeth Bookser Barkley

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