Pause + Pray

Blessing the Children


We all want to make a difference to the children of the world. If you are a senior adult, your calling is to be a “good ancestor.” Our prayers encircle our children and grandchildren in God’s loving light. When we pray for the childreneven those we will never meetwe discover that every child is God’s beloved child. Every child is treasured by God and is worthy of our love and care.


Holy One,
you took the little children in your arms
and blessed them.
Let me bless the children
through daily blessings,
loving acts,
and advocacy for their nurture
and protection.
Let all children
and their parents
e kin to me.


Let my prayers for the children guide me to discover a way I can nurture the children in my immediate family, and advocate for at-risk children in our schools and among immigrant families. Let me seek well-being for children in our nation and across the world.

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