Pause + Pray

An Endless Buffet


Gluttony is the fun-loving host that excessively indulges me in food and drink. Medical science’s understanding of addiction reminds me that this is sometimes dangerous when I party consistently with this sin. But it’s not just about potatoes and beers, though. It’s also about the daily four-mile run, the latest diet fad, or a sweater from a home shopping TV network. Though I might think myself far from gluttony’s traditional bountiful banquet, it’s squeezing me tightly whenever I have a driven need or insatiable appetite for any activitybe it feast, famine, exercise, or dressing up.


Loving Father, you knit me in my mother’s womb
and blessed me with a physical body.
In your wisdom, you transformed my body
into a temple of your Holy Spirit
and gave me responsibility for its care.
Give me reverence and respect for this body
and in the resurrection,
may it provide a blessed home for my eternal life.


Take an inventory of your driven needs and insatiable appetites. Determine if or where gluttony may be tempting you. Could some of these extra items be donated instead of consumed by you?

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