Pause + Pray

Acknowledging Global Warming


As with many issues in the modern world, the topic of global warming can be overwhelming. The idea itself is a reminder that we have not always taken good care of the creation God has given us. We can do positive things like recycling and supporting pro-environment politicians. Perhaps though, we need to pause and reflect on our own attitude toward creation. Do I truly celebrate the creation around me?


Lord, show me how to pause and joyfully contemplate the beauty around me—
simple things like the devotion of a family pet.
May I notice and celebrate the glory you display in a sunset
or a rainstorm.

For when I stop and simply watch a rainbow or the stars coming out at night,
this too is prayer.


Take a moment today to notice and appreciate some element of God’s creation. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving and celebration for that gift.

Faith and Family


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