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A Call to Joy for Pride Month

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Sometimes it can feel difficult to feel accepted and loved for who we are. For our LGBTQIIA+ friends, colleagues, and family members, there often is much hurt and pain. May all those who celebrate Pride Month know their God-given dignity, worth and feel the gaze of God’s love upon them in every aspect of their lives.


God who never excludes a beloved child,
May all of your children know are precious
and know they are in your eyes;
that you wouldn’t change one thing about them—
including their gender, identity, or sexuality.
May Pride Month be a time of blessing, joy, and peace for all who celebrate.


In what way(s) during this Pride Month can you be an ally to the LGBTQIIA+ community? And what personal biases may be in my own heart or mind that prevent me from doing so? Consider watching a few YouTube videos on the history of Pride Month.

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7 thoughts on “A Call to Joy for Pride Month”

  1. Why would you celebrate pride month and not the Sacred Heart of Jesus?
    I thought Pause+Pray was from Catholic Franciscans. Very disappointed to see this today.

    1. Andrelisa Michel

      How many pride months are we going to have?. This month was supposed to be for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and prime month trumps it, really. I agree with Donna.

  2. We are all children of God, he loves each and every one of us. We should have prayed pride in our humanity as children of God, not in our sexuality.

  3. Thanks to the Franciscans for reminding us that God’s love is extended to everybody. 🙏

  4. To those who are questioning this post, I challenge you to review what the Church actually teaches and not pop theology that lacks a foundation in scripture or Tradition. God calls us to love all people. God calls us to widen our hearts. And if you can’t hear this call, I urge ye without sin to be the first to cast a stone.

  5. Thank you Franciscan Media for calling us all to find joy and peace in Pride month! God calls us to love all, no exceptions!

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