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New Detroit auxiliary to refrain from public ministry as claim investigated

Aug 5, 2022 News & Commentary
Archbishop Paul F. Russell, Detroit's newest auxiliary bishop, will refrain from public ministry following an allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor dating to his time as a priest in the Archdiocese of Boston more than 30 years ago.

In Lebanon, young adults renovate homes to help poor, build friendships

Aug 4, 2022 News & Commentary
For the poor in Lebanon whose lives are clouded in misery, even a fresh coat of paint can brighten bleak living conditions.

Pastor of St. Peter’s Basilica: Friar helps tourists become pilgrims

Aug 3, 2022 News & Commentary
In his small office next to the world’s largest Catholic Church, Conventual Franciscan Father Agnello Stoia spoke about the unique joys and challenges of being the pastor of St. Peter’s Basilica.

For first time since pandemic, pilgrims hike Ireland’s holiest mountain

Aug 2, 2022 News & Commentary
MURRISK, Ireland (CNS) -- Thousands of pilgrims hiked up Ireland's holiest mountain for the annual Reek Sunday pilgrimage, held for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Kentucky churches, communities work together for flood victims

Aug 1, 2022 News & Commentary
Lori Helfrich, the parish life director at Mother of Good Counsel Church in Hazard County, Kentucky, had just come from volunteering at the food pantry that her parish helps support.

Pope launches campaign to highlight dialogue with migrants, refugees

Jul 29, 2022 News & Commentary
As the church prepares to commemorate the World Day of Migrants and Refugees in September, Pope Francis launched a video campaign meant to highlight the spiritual and cultural contributions that migrants bring to people's lives.

Commitment to multicultural Canada needs real effort, pope says

Jul 28, 2022 News & Commentary
In a British-built fort on the highest hill in Quebec City, Pope Francis spoke to Canadian government and cultural leaders about the never-ending challenge of multiculturalism.

Pope joins Indigenous pilgrims at lake known for its healing waters

Jul 27, 2022 News & Commentary
Pope Francis joined Indigenous pilgrims at a lake known for miraculous healings and encouraged them to lay their burdens on the shore.

Indigenous and Catholic: One can proudly be both, pope says

Jul 26, 2022 News & Commentary
While presented as missionary work, the operation of residential schools by Catholics in Canada was actually an attempt to impose European culture on Canada's Indigenous people, Pope Francis said.