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Irish missionary priest says Pakistan flooding still critical

Sep 27, 2022 News & Commentary
An Irish missionary priest in Pakistan said the “sheer scale” of the flooding disaster is “hard to comprehend” and “the misery of people, camped on the side of the road with their meager belongings, is heart-breaking to see.”

Experts urge world to deter Russia from using nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Sep 26, 2022 News & Commentary
A former deputy secretary-general of NATO said threats from Russian President Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine must be taken seriously.

San Juan archbishop struggles with slow communications following Fiona

Sep 23, 2022 News & Commentary
Puerto Rico's archbishop said he has not been in contact with all his priests since Hurricane Fiona knocked out power to the island, and he expressed concern for the hurricane's impact on the southern and western parts of the island.

Pope calls for increased assistance to those hit by Hurricane Fiona

Sep 22, 2022 News & Commentary
As Hurricane Fiona swept across the Caribbean, leaving behind numerous victims and material destruction, Pope Francis called for greater solidarity in assisting all those affected.

Bilingual Mass in LA celebrates immigrants, immigrant spirit in U.S.

Sep 21, 2022 News & Commentary
Catholics from the Los Angeles Archdiocese and the San Bernardino, Orange and San Diego dioceses came together for a bilingual Mass Sept. 18 to celebrate "the immigrant spirit in the United States."

Cardinal prays at queen’s funeral, signaling Charles’ openness to dialogue

Sep 20, 2022 News & Commentary
An English cardinal took part in the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in an indication of openness of the British Royal family to ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.

Census Bureau findings point to U.S. poverty reduction in 2021

Sep 19, 2022 News & Commentary
The year 2021 was an outlier in many respects. Much of the year was characterized by halting steps to return to something resembling normality following the global health emergency declared in 2020 over the coronavirus pandemic.

African bishops hope King Charles III can help solve climate crisis

Sep 16, 2022 News & Commentary
Many Africans, including bishops, mourned the death of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, but for some, that feeling of grief was dwarfed by memories of Britain's colonial exploitation of the continent.

Pope: Religions must be purified of extremism, self-righteousness

Sep 15, 2022 News & Commentary
As war, violence and extremism in countries around the world threaten the lives of countless men, women and children, religions must rise above differences and be examples of peace and harmony, Pope Francis said.