Black Catholics celebrate their heritage, take active role in the church

Nov 23, 2020 News
Deacon Art Miller, a cradle Catholic whose grandparents moved from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to the South Side of Chicago, grew up in a segregated society during the 1950s.

At Vatican trial, seminary rector accuses victim of seeking payout

Nov 20, 2020 News
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The former rector of a minor seminary located in the Vatican denied knowing about the alleged sexual abuse of a student, but instead alleged that the victim and his friend, who claimed he witnessed the abuse, were motivated by money.

U.S. bishops urge Trump, Barr to stop upcoming federal executions

Nov 19, 2020 News
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- In response to the upcoming federal execution of Orlando Hall Nov. 19, and two more federal executions scheduled to take place in December, two U.S. bishops' committee chairmen called on the government to end this practice.

Group formed to handle conflicts between Biden policies, church teaching

Nov 18, 2020 News
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron of Detroit will head up a special working group of the U.S. bishops to address issues surrounding the election of a Catholic president and policies that may come about that would be in conflict with Catholic teaching and the bishops' priorities.

Bishops, in virtual meeting, focus on McCarrick report, pandemic, racism

Nov 17, 2020 News
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The first day of the virtual fall assembly of the U.S. Catholic bishops, Nov. 16, included discussion about the Vatican report on Theodore McCarrick, the ongoing pandemic and the church's response to racism.

At Jesuit agency event, Biden announces he will dramatically raise refugee cap

Nov 16, 2020 News
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Weeks after the administration of President Donald Trump announced it was dropping to a historic low the cap on the maximum number of displaced people the U.S. decides to resettle in a federal fiscal year, President-elect Joe Biden said Nov. 12 he would be heading in a dramatically different direction.

World Day of Poor initiatives adapt to pandemic, Vatican official says

Nov 13, 2020 News
Even during a global pandemic, the World Day of the Poor will be an important opportunity for parishes to highlight the importance of charity and spiritual comfort for those in need, said a Vatican official.

At audience, pope renews commitment to fight abuse

Nov 12, 2020 News
After the Vatican released its extensive report on Theodore E. McCarrick, Pope Francis renewed the Catholic Church's pledge to uproot the scourge of sexual abuse.

Supreme Court seems ready to let Affordable Care Act stand

Nov 11, 2020 News
On Nov. 10, when the fate of the Affordable Care Act faced the Supreme Court for the third time since it was signed into law 10 years ago, the justices seemed willing to leave the bulk of the law intact even if they found one part of it to be unconstitutional.