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Pope: Spiritual consolation motivates one to ‘do good’

Nov 25, 2022 News & Commentary
The spiritual practice of discernment, of seeing where God is at work in one's life and what God is calling one to do, includes examining what brings a sense of consolation and spurs one to do good, Pope Francis said.

Priest calls serving with military members as chaplain ‘humbling’

Nov 24, 2022 News & Commentary
As much as Father Lukasz J. Willenberg misses being part of a regular parish family back home in the Diocese of Providence, ministering to members of the U.S. Army as a military chaplain for the past eight years has brought him an unparalleled level of joy.

As pot legalization expands, concern about its effects grows

Nov 23, 2022 News & Commentary
Residents of two states that voted during the midterms to approve recreational marijuana use must closely monitor the local regulatory details and local impacts on youth, according to a national watchdog group.

Catholic leaders respond to shooting at Colorado nightclub

Nov 22, 2022 News & Commentary
Catholic leaders have condemned the Nov. 19 attack on an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that killed at least five people and injured at least 25.

Nigerian Catholic community helps victims of flooding

Nov 21, 2022 News & Commentary
Emeka Okoye, a 54-year-old farmer, and his family got trapped when a heavy flood bubbled into their apartment in southeastern Nigeria. He quickly moved his family from the ground floor and relocated them upstairs.

Displaced children can benefit from faith communities’ help, speakers say

Nov 18, 2022 News & Commentary
Children on the move, particularly as migrants or refugees, are enormously vulnerable, said one of the church's leading experts on safeguarding.

U.S. Ukrainian Catholic prelate says Russian war against nation is genocide

Nov 17, 2022 News & Commentary
A Ukrainian Catholic archbishop asked his fellow U.S. bishops Nov. 16 to pray for Ukraine, and, if possible, to go to Ukraine and pray there for its people, inviting them on a trip he is embarking on in February.

Indiana twins share many things, including vocation to priesthood

Nov 16, 2022 News & Commentary
It's not unusual for twins to share just about everything, but in the Hickeys' case there is something else: The brothers share a calling to the priesthood.

Taking the church to the peripheries: mission stations in Philippines

Nov 15, 2022 News & Commentary
When Father Victor Sandoval went knocking on doors in one of Manila's toughest slums to tell people he was moving into their midst, he was met with disbelief.