Minute Meditations

What the World Needs from Us

Francis never wanted anyone to follow him, he wanted them to follow the one he followed. “The Lord has shown me what is mine to do. May he show you what is yours.” In this humility, we realize that it is not our strength, our ingenuity, our love, or our care that is going to shape the world. It is Jesus that the world needs, working through us. The world does not need us. It needs someone who will bring it Jesus. Thank God. Because, really, we could never do anything well on our own. As hard as we try and no matter the intentions we have, the truth of the matter is that sometimes we fail. Actually, we fail a lot. We fail the world, we fail our brothers and sisters, and we fail ourselves. If we truly want to be what the world needs, we need to accept that we are not its savior and that it is actually in our weakness and failing that Christ is made strong in us and in the world.

— from the book Called: What Happens after Saying Yes to God

Called: What Happens After Saying Yes to God


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