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What God Wants

A younger friend told me about a life crossroads, which felt weighted by conundrum. I asked, “So what’s next?” She replied, “I’m just waiting for God to show me what he wants from me.” “OK,” I said to her. “But in the meantime, you know, until you have your life and self figured out and straightened out, I have a suggestion: Live this day, with this self, without holding back. Today; savor, doubt, embrace, question, wrestle, give, risk, love, fall down, get up, accept your incomplete and fractured self, know that anything worth doing is worth doing badly, speak from your whole heart, and whenever you can, lavish excessive compassion and mercy and healing and hope and second chances and grace and restoration and kindness on anyone who crosses your path. Who knows, we may love one another into existence. And I’m sure God won’t mind.”

—from the book This Is the Life: Mindfulness, Finding Grace, and the Power of the Present Moment
by Terry Hershey

This Is the Life by Terry Hershey


5 thoughts on “What God Wants”

  1. Mike Reininger

    Anything that is worth doing is worth doing badly? No, if it is worth doing, then do it right, or at least do one’s best when doing it. That way, it can’t be all that bad however you do it. That’s my view, anyways.

  2. Arlene B. Muller

    “Anything worth doing is worth doing BADLY”??
    NO!! “Anything worth doing is worth doing WELL”!!
    But I do agree with living each day doing the best we can to try to meet each day’s challenges with the help of GOD’S grace, extending love, mercy & compassion to all & being grateful to GOD & others.

  3. Lord Jesus Christ, your love brings freedom and pardon. Fill us with your Holy Spirit and set our hearts ablaze with your love that nothing may make us lose our temper, ruffle our peace, take away our joy, nor make us bitter towards anyone. Amen.

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