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St. Andrew: Pray for Us

He was among the first to be drawn to the young rabbi. Andrew and another of John the Baptist’s disciples heard John refer to Jesus as “the Lamb of God,” and began following him. At the end of a day with Jesus, Andrew did what many of us do when we make an amazing discovery. He went to his beloved brother to share the news of the Messiah. Andrew is regarded as part of the inner circle of apostles. It’s believed that after the Resurrection, he preached in Eurasia until his own crucifixion. Based on Biblical accounts, Andrew doesn’t seem to have been concerned about his place in the pecking order of Apostles. He just loved Jesus and wanted others to meet him. We can learn from that example of putting our own interests aside so that we may grow in grace. Spend some time today with a sibling, blood or of the heart, talking about how you can help each other on your spiritual journeys.

—from Brotherhood of Saints: Daily Guidance and Inspiration
by Melanie Rigney

Brotherhood of Saints


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