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Save for the Future

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“Blessed are those who trust in the Lord.”—Jeremiah 17:7

Most of us plan for the future by investing in a savings account. Jesus also spoke of the importance of storing up treasures—treasures in heaven. That’s something we can all do through simple words of trust—prayers of confidence in God’s ever-present love. Whenever we trust in his plan for today and tomorrow, we are building up a savings account for those days ahead that may present real challenges and difficult problems. We build up that account by trusting God in small things. Trust him for his love today; trust him for some relatively simple thing—a simple task. Then when life brings troubles that deplete your energy and threaten to leave you feeling emotionally and spiritually bankrupt, your savings account of trust will be more than enough to see you through.

Lord, help me to so trust you that I completely abandon myself into your hands. Amen

 —from the book Three Minutes with God: Reflections and Prayers to Encourage, Inspire, and Motivate
by Monsignor Frank Bognanno

Three Minutes with God


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  1. I think the trust issue also starts with faith at an early age by receiving the sacraments. Trusting God in his teachings will continue to expand our “savings account.” Each day we can trust the Lord is with us and will protect us.

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