Minute Meditations

Receiving Divine Dignity

Woman standing near water | Photo by José M. Reyes on Unsplash

The Bible is slowly giving us a face capable of receiving divine dignity, and even daring to think that we could love God back—and that God would care! We are gradually being drawn inside the very mystery of Divine sharing. Teresa of Ávila described it as “the interior castle.” John’s whole Gospel could be seen as one great meditation on that momentous realization, especially chapters 13–17, where John is almost drunk with inner realizations of union and divine election. (p. 57)

• What feelings arise when you read that the Bible “is giving us a face capable of receiving divine dignity”? What is your response to this “momentous realization”?

• Can you believe and accept the idea that God cares? How would your life change if you embraced this idea in every moment?

• Write down your understanding of union with God. What would be possible, and what would become impossible, if you could have union with God? 

—from the book Things Hidden Companion Guide by Richard Rohr (page 43)

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