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God Still Speaks to Us

sunrise in the desert | Photo by OC Gonzalez on Unsplash

God is not dead; God continues to be involved with all of creation and to speak with human beings as intimates. What is more, in the language of the mystics, in their metaphors and images, we see revealed the intimate union we all have with God, an intimacy as close as the love expressed in the Song of Songs. We see the profound transformation that happens in people once they realize in a tangible way who God is and who God is in relation to us. As in times past, God speaks to individuals, and they are transformed. We, in turn, are transformed by their stories when we recognize that their stories are our stories, too. The mystics see and act upon the truth about all of us. If we but see in faith what they see, in fact, we, too, experience the effects of God’s power and presence in our lives. The mystics show us by their visions and lives that what our faith attests and theology teaches is indeed true: God is, and God is intimately involved with us today and always. 

—from the book Mystics: Twelve Who Reveal God’s Love
by Murray Bodo, OFM

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2 thoughts on “God Still Speaks to Us”

  1. Lord Jesus Christ, may we never hinder our youth from coming to you to receive your blessing, instruction, and healing power. Make our youth strong in faith and in character that they may follow you zealously. And as we grow with age, may we never lose that child-like simplicity and humility which draws us into your loving presence. Amen.

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