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Finding Our Calling

Oct 9, 2021
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Christianity isn’t an abstract philosophy. It’s a complete way of life. Consequently, profession of belief in Christianity isn’t simply an intellectual nod of the head, but a commitment to live in such a way as to express concretely one’s convictions in the everyday world. Such engagement demands a sense of direction, a sense of individual mission and purpose. This is supplied by the particular vocation each of us is given. When we discover our own unique calling, regardless of what it may be, we find the spiritual true north by which to plot our course.

— from the book Perfect Joy: 30 Days with Francis of Assisi  by Kerry Walters

Perfect Joy by Kerry Walters


Ron Krumpos
Sat, 10/09/2021 - 02:33 PM
Ron Krumpos
People who say they are Christians should act like true Christians. Too many do not. Beliefs must become actions, not just words.

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