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Chosen by Christ

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One of the truths that is becoming more evident to me the more I study and think about the mystics is that they are not ordinary but chosen souls whom God came to when they were not expecting such a visitation. That they are chosen and special is God’s choice, not something they somehow merit. The rest of us try daily to go to God in our ordinary lives by living in faith, while the mystics spend their lives responding to the great gift of God’s extraordinary entrance into their lives. They show us what it is like to be taken over by God while at the same time cautioning us that we cannot merit God’s tangible presence. But given those distinctions, even we in our ordinary lives can embrace Christ on the cross. We can place ourselves physically and spiritually in a space or place that makes it at least a compatible space for “hearing” God’s voice and “seeing” God’s manifestations, should God decide to show us the divine presence in a way that is beyond the faith we have from our baptism. And whether we actually hear or see anything of God or not, we are there at the foot of the cross letting him embrace us in any way he wills to embrace us. It could be as simple as an increase of the faith we already have; it could be an inspiration to do something further with our lives in order to praise and give thanks to God, or we could be inspired to follow Christ’s way of the cross more faithfully in our own lives. Saint Clare is, I believe, one of God’s chosen ones who shows us Someone we can love who is daily revealing his presence in images—like the cross, like the eucharistic bread and wine. As for Clare herself, God came to her as a bridegroom in search of his bride, and took her into the wine cellar where by responding to his love, she became his mirror, a mirror others could look at, and “see” God.

—from the book Mystics: Twelve Who Reveal God’s Love
by Murray Bodo, OFM

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