Minute Meditations

Become Like Little Children

Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli never left his roots as a northern Italian farmer’s son; it’s just that the places where he planted and sowed changed. His grandest sowing opportunity came when he was nearly seventy-eight years old, and was elected pope. As John XXIII, he brought a sort of gentle, jolly acceptability to the papacy and convened Vatican II, the first ecumenical council in nearly one hundred years. John XXIII is remembered for poking fun at himself and at overformality. He reminds us that while we need to take our faith seriously, God is pleased when we come as little children, with hands, hearts, and souls open. We should be impressed with God, not with ourselves. Laugh at one of your shortcomings today, then pray for the strength to use that shortcoming as God desires.

— from Brotherhood of Saints: Daily Guidance and Inspiration, by Melanie Rigney



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