Minute Meditations

A Spirituality of Desire

The goal of a spirituality of desire is nothing more— and nothing less—than to be with God. There are many paths to get there, but our challenge is to find the unique path that God has laid out for each one of us. With varying levels of awareness, we are all walking this path. But to discover what it is we are looking for it is not enough to set our sights on being with God in some ideal heavenly future. The spiritual life requires an appreciation of how God is with us where we are now and where God was—or wasn’t—with us in our past. It is by means of this journey of awareness of self-with-God, and with God-in-others that we can better learn to love and be loved and more completely realize our desire to be with God in all the places where our lives take us.

— from the book Already There: Letting God Find You, by Mark Mossa, SJ

Already there: Letting God find you


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