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A Smile Is the First Step to Love

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“A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance.” —Proverbs 15:13

Our world today seems to be a war zone. It seems as though peace has gone out the window. But we can bring it back. St. Teresa of Calcutta walked into contentious situations in various countries. She carried with her the first step to peace. It’s simple, and we can all do it. She said, “Peace begins with a smile.” That means peace begins with me and within me, and I want to share it with you. Most of the time I can be a joyful person. I can have that joy because I have hope. Occasionally I will feel some kind of “affliction.” But I am patient. It will pass. I can always have that small smile on my face, almost visible only to myself. The smile, Mother Teresa often said, is truly the first step in love. When someone smiles and says hello to me, down deep it seems to draw me out of myself. I feel noticed, valued, communicated with, acknowledged. Our world needs love and so do your family and friends. They need and want your love. Your smile must not only be the first step in love, but it could also be the next step as well. Take that next step for your family and friends. Take the first step with your smile. Share it with the next person you meet. They may need the love that’s behind that smile.

Lord, help me to always carry some joy in my heart and let it grow into a small smile. Amen.

 —from the book Three Minutes with God: Reflections and Prayers to Encourage, Inspire, and Motivate
by Monsignor Frank Bognanno

Three Minutes with God


1 thought on “A Smile Is the First Step to Love”

  1. Smiling is nice if it is real and in the proper context. It is better not to smile than to be a fake. It is important to smile from the heart. Happiness has to come from the heart. People can tell if someone is a phony. Don’t fool yourself. People can sense if your endeavor to portray love is real or not. And even then, they may want you to prove your sincerity. You will be tested. Are you for real or not? Will your love stand the test of time?

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