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Cross inside a purple heart

Lent with St. Clare: Third Tuesday

Sometimes it can be hard to be the first to do something. We hold back for any number of reasons. We might be afraid of making a mistake or of being ridiculed. After the first person takes the leap, though, we become more comfortable joining in.

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Cross in a bowl of ashes

Lent with St. Clare: Third Monday

At this point in our Lenten journey, we may be growing weary of the promises we made at the beginning of the season. In those moments, we must remember St. Clare’s determination.

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Cross laid on palms

Lent with St. Clare: Third Sunday

All too often, we see God as a distant figure. When we do that, though, we fail to see the many ways that God is working in our lives. Perhaps God is present in a friend or family member who is helping or consoling us.

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Cross on a mountain with the sunset

Lent with St. Clare: Second Saturday

St. Clare of Assisi probably would have been uncomfortable hearing such accolades. Clare wanted only to follow and serve Christ. She chose to do so in a quiet and humble way, along with her sisters.

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Cross with a crown of thorns

Lent with St. Clare: Second Friday

Clare shared her faith and wisdom with so many outside San Damiano and far beyond her own time. Indeed, she counseled and nursed an ailing Francis during one of his visits. How might we be in service to others?

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dove flying over cross with a sunset

Lent with St. Clare: Second Thursday

Each of us has been created for a different purpose. Clare’s path was different from each of ours, yet in many ways it is the same. We’re all blessed to have been created. What will we do with that blessing?

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