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The Social Mania behind Social Media

A friend of mine posted this comment online recently: “People have used Facebook to overthrow evil dictators and other amazing accomplishments. Meanwhile, I just learned that a woman I know from high school likes her new pedicure. “

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Living Simply: Clean Wisely

I’m a clean freak. There, I said it. I buy hand sanitizer in bulk, I’m usually within arm’s reach of disinfecting wipes, and I have a deep fondness for color-safe bleach.

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Hear Them Roar: In Awe of Strong Women

We should encourage youth, especially girls, to focus on true role models. Let’s embolden them to retweet human-rights trailblazer Malala Yousafzai (1.6m followers) over reality television’s Kim Kardashian (64.8 million followers).

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Hollywood and Holiness

Father Richard Leonard, an Australian Jesuit and media expert, explains how film can be a gateway to God.

In the 1954 film On the Waterfront, Marlon Brando plays Terry Malloy, a longshoreman who struggles to take a stand against the Mob-controlled union that has made life for workers unbearable. One scene in particular rouses a Catholic spirit. Karl Malden’s Father Barry gathers some of the men at the dock and, standing a few feet from the corrupt bosses, speaks out against the injustices the workers face.

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