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Assistance in Getting to Mass

Q: As a St. Anthony Messenger reader, I write as a follow-up to the reader who asked about help in getting to Sunday Mass. Other readers may be interested in knowing that National Volunteer Caregiving Network, a national organization, may be able to help. They can be contacted at 512-582-2197, via, or by writing National Volunteer Caregiving Network, 1765 Goodyear Avenue, Suite 204, Ventura, CA 93003.

Volunteer groups are organized through local parishes, congregations, and other faith communities. If someone’s local parish is not presently involved, another local faith group might be and could possibly provide a volunteer transport. As a parish volunteer, I provide transportation assistance to a lady who needs it. Also, a city or county office on aging or assistance to persons with disabilities might help in locating such transportation assistance.

Although it is not really a substitute for participating at Mass, most parishes have eucharistic ministers who visit homes, bring the Eucharist, and provide an ongoing connection to that faith community. I hope that the original reader has found a way to stay connected to his or her parish community.

A: Thanks for this information. That indeed is “faith in action.”

As I noted in my original response, over the years I have seen parish bulletins that included notices requesting transportation assistance in getting to Mass at that parish. The parish office sometimes connects the person requesting and the person who can offer the transportation assistance. Many such arrangements are made without the parish’s direct involvement.

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