January 25, 2024

Pope sitting at round table at Synod

The Holy Spirit: The Synod’s Only True Winner

The synod's wide-open theme (“For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission”) led many people to consider it a blank screen on which they could project their deepest hopes and fears for the Catholic Church.
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cover graphic from podcast

Great Podcasts: ‘Sweet Bobby’

Christopher Heffron looks at two podcasts that take wildly different approaches to love.
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granddaughter kissing grandfather on the cheek.

Let Us Pray: Love Will Keep Us Together

This “crazy little thing called love,” which is both simple to recognize and difficult to define, means nothing if it is not rooted in and seen through the one who is, was, and forever will be
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a can of soda

Faith and Family: The Many Faces of Addiction

If you do any reading on addiction, you will discover that there are many different beliefs on what is or should be considered an addiction versus an addictive behavior.
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woman lonely in a field.

Mary, the Misunderstood

Mary of Magdala was one of the most prominent disciples of Jesus of Nazareth, and yet over Christian history, she has had her name dragged through the mud.
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man looking down | Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

God’s Ways, Not Ours

Someone who constantly engages in “if only” thinking will never truly be at peace.
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