January 25, 2024

sperm meets the egg

Is Egg Donation Morally Acceptable?

A family member is giving her frozen eggs to women who can’t conceive. If we are to preserve human life in all its forms, shouldn’t these eggs be given a chance to live?
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Haiti bishops appeal for release of religious sisters kidnapped by suspected gang members

The bishops of Haiti appealed for the release of six women religious who were kidnapped Jan. 19 in a country mired in crisis because of gang violence.
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woman with a light up heart

Dear Reader: Love and Light

This magazine is our humble attempt to bring love and light into an often dark world.
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young girl with a barcode on her forehead

Hope in the Fight against Human Trafficking 

Millions of people worldwide are trafficked. Members of the Alliance to End Human Trafficking, an organization founded by Catholic sisters, discuss their ongoing work and advocacy for survivors. 
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African American man celebrating Madi Gras

The Gift of Diversity: Celebrating the Spiritual Gifts of Black Catholics

Black Catholics have long struggled with the evil of racism both within and outside the Church in the United States. A prominent African American Catholic author and activist reflects on how diversity brings about both healing and a richer faith.  
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woman wearing a mask

The Roots of Fat Tuesday, the Fruits of Lent

What are the Catholic roots behind this global day of excess? Friar Jim explains.
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