August 22, 2023

French Army Gen. Jean-Louis Georgelin

General who headed Notre Dame Cathedral rebuilding dies at 74 while hiking in mountains

PARIS (OSV News) — The French army general appointed by President Emmanuel Macron to oversee the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral will not see the reopening of the pearl of France Dec. 8, 2024. Army Gen. Jean-Louis Georgelin died Aug. ...
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Man with lots of question marks above head,

Problematic People

Repeatedly in the Psalms, we are reminded that it is from God’s open hand that we are fed.
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flower in the sun | Photo by Ilja Tulit on Unsplash

Rise Up!

Holiness does not consist in so rising above failings that we never fail. Rather with each failure, we rise up, ask forgiveness of God and others, and maintain our peace of heart.
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Photo by Suzy Hazelwood: photo/black-audio-tapes-in-close-up-view

Let Us Pray: Music As Prayer

Music takes me back, holds me in the moment, and inspires hope for the future—all at once.
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