May 17, 2023

Pope issues new ‘fundamental law’ for Vatican City State

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis updated the “Fundamental Law of Vatican City State,” opening the possibility that laypeople can be members of its governing commission and emphasizing that the independence of the city-state is essential for the mission of ...
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cave with light filtering in

Have Courage

Reflect The difference between courage and brashness is wisdom.  The fool may go into challenges with gusto but will fail.  Courage does not mean a lack of fear. Courage is moving forward despite fear. Christian courage means trusting that the ...
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The Greatest Gift We Can Give God

the rosary helps us be more aware of the soul’s deepest desires, which are for God.
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Uncle and niece embracing

The Blessings of Being an Uncle

Aunts and uncles play an invaluable role in shaping the lives of young family members.
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Saint Anthony Novena Day Three: Be Careful of Greed

"The greedy man is really not rich, but poor. He does not control his money but is controlled by it. He does not possess his wealth but is possessed by it. He may have many things, yet for him he ...
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