Sharing the Word for May 17, 2023

Wednesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

May 17, 2023
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Acts 17:15, 22-18:1

The welcome that Paul and Silas initially received in Philippi did not last long. Ultimately they were run out of town. Now they have reached Athens, the cultural capital of the Graeco-Roman world.

Here Paul speaks before the Areopagus–a kind of religious supreme court–delivering one of the most important discourses of his ministry. He speaks of God as judge of the human race and proclaims that judgment will be executed by a man whom God has raised from the dead. Most of his hearers politely rejected what he had to say, especially the part about resurrection from the dead. Some few accepted it.

Our efforts on God’s behalf don’t always get the response we would like. All we can do is continue trying.

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