May 2, 2023

Man praying

Is God Listening to My Prayers?

Although I keep praying, little happens. What else can I do?
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Pope on plane talks about Ukraine, returning artefacts to Canada

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM HUNGARY (CNS) — The Holy See has a project underway related to peace between Russia and Ukraine, but Pope Francis told reporters he could not talk about it yet. “There is a mission underway that ...
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desert sand and sky

Create Space

Reflect Wide-open spaces have captured the minds of humans for millenia—the Grand Canyon, the Sahara Desert, the Great Plains, the shores of a beach. Wide-open spaces inspire, provoke, and calm. Human creations can have the same effect on space: music, ...
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Building God’s Kingdom

The willingness to work with God will unleash Joseph’s full potential.
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