April 4, 2023

Nearly 30 women religious communities endorse transgender observance, advocacy in joint statement

(OSV News) — Close to 30 U.S. women religious communities, who say they represent “over 6,000 vowed Catholic religious and partners in mission in over 18 states,” released a joint statement endorsing the March 31 observance of International Transgender Day ...
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homeless person walking at night

Advance Preparation

Reflect It’s easier to act compassionately when coming from a spacious place than from one constrained by fear. Thus it’s possible to prepare for a petulant person, or difficult situation. Deep breathing, imaging the face of the compassionate Christ or ...
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jar of coins | Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

Love of Money

In this holiest of weeks, we are challenged more than ever to think about our own relationship with money and material goods.
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Cross in a bowl of ashes

Lent with St. Clare: Tuesday of Holy Week

We live in a noisy world. Too often we fill silent moments with endless chatter and loud distractions. Yet in silence there can be great peace.
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