March 3, 2023

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What Does the Common Good Mean?

We are living in confusing times, especially with abortion, political lies, gun violence, attacks against the Church, and so on. What is the Catholic Church’s teaching on the common good?
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Kateri Oesterle, a 12-year-old parishioner of the St. Agnes and St. William of York pastorate in Baltimore, holds a sign against physician-assisted suicide prior to the start of the 2023 Maryland March for Life rally in Annapolis Feb. 27, 2023. (OSV News photo/Kevin J. Parks, Catholic Review)

Pro-lifers urge state lawmakers to respect life at all stages

Chants of "United" followed by "for Life" echoed in the Minnesota Capitol Feb. 28 in St. Paul as pro-life advocates gathered by the hundreds in the rotunda and then fanned out to visit with lawmakers considering abortion measures such as ...
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Turquoise door open to the outdoors

Sacred Hospitality

Reflect Offering hospitality is sacred. To open the door and greet others with warmth, to provide food and drink, to listen and share time: Each act is a way that we connect with the divine. As Scripture says, when we ...
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wolf in the woods | Photo by Milo Weiler on Unsplash

Taming the Wolf

The wolf of Gubbio is a reminder to us that we need to confront our fears and anger, taming them with the love of God.
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Purple flower in a field

Lent with St. Clare: First Friday

From a young age, St. Clare of Assisi was encouraged by the strong faith of her mother, Ortalana, to carry out God’s work, even before she joined Francis and the brothers. Clare ministered and cared for the less fortunate when ...
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