November 25, 2022

Pope: Spiritual consolation motivates one to ‘do good’

The spiritual practice of discernment, of seeing where God is at work in one's life and what God is calling one to do, includes examining what brings a sense of consolation and spurs one to do good, Pope Francis said.
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Sin As Teacher

Our attempts to make up for deficiencies from our childhoods lead to our recurring sins. By the Holy Spirit’s gifts of insight and understanding, we can begin the process of being freed from our slavery to sin.
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Saint Francis of Assisi

Notes from a Friar: The Humble Heart of Francis

Francis helped resurrect the Christ of the Gospels who showed Francis the way that alone would renew the earth and all life that dwells upon it.
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The Gift of Contentment

Contentment is a great gift that we don’t always appreciate. It’s not as rare as we might think.
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