October 6, 2022

Church, community help one another in Florida county hit hard by Ian

The 7-year-old boy who sat with his family in the cafeteria of Hardee Junior High School was too shy to say his name.

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Affirming Others

By letting go of our own need to focus on differences, we learn to share our common humanity and become God’s companions in healing the world.

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The Wolf of Gubbio, the Wolf Within

When you understand, you can be understood. The story of Francis and the wolf, whether it happened or not, reminds us of that.

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The Eucharist Intensifies God’s Indwelling

This Incarnate God can become present in us through the sacramental grace of the mystery of the Holy Eucharist wherein we eat the body and drink the blood of Christ whose effect is to intensify the indwelling of God in us.

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